FAQ - Employee Records - Access restrictions

Please find some of our most Frequently asked questions on the access restrictions that appear on Employee records.

Operatives are not able to access the turnstile, how do I find out why? 

When an operative is having access issues the first thing to check would be there profile. Each operatives profile has a access restrictions section (image below).  This section will display and outstanding restrictions against this the operatives. 



Operative has one of the following restrictions, how do I resolve this?

The following restrictions can be cleared by using the "Fix Access Issues" button on the left hand side of the operatives profile. 



Dormant - This is applied on a site specific basis, the dormancy indicates that the operative has not been on site for a specific period of time. If Dormancy has not been enabled on site this can be done upon request. 


Working Time Directive - Working time directive is triggered when an operative has worked over a specific set amount of  hours. By default this setting is disabled.


APB (Anti Pass Back) - APB is essentially a one in one out feature that stops operatives from freely moving through the turnstiles. For example if Joe Bloggs entered site but did not go through the turnstiles then  the system would have him down as being on site. If he was to try and access the same reader he would be denied access as according to the system he is not in the correct area.


Accreditation - This will only be displayed when the operative does not have the required accreditation to access site. This can be resolved by making sure the operative's accreditation details are correct.  If they are correct the operative may not have the required accreditation to access the site.


 Can I make an operative Exempt from Access Restrictions?

MSite gives users the option to disable certain access restrictions on an operative by operative basis. This can be done using the advanced section at the bottom of the operatives profile. To make sure the system is being used correctly its advised that non of these exemption are set to Yes.



We do however recommend that certain operatives/site managers are able to operative the turnstile freely. If you set he operatives profile to APB exempt then that operative will be able to freely move through site with out any APB restrictions.



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