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Does the App use GPS to track worker movements?

No. We only use the Bluetooth capability on the phone to allow for contactless entry and for the social distancing functionality, which captures close proximity events between App users. This does not however
track or record where the close proximity event has occurred.


Why does the App require the need for Location Services?

The App listens for a Bluetooth signal from the MSite Touch fingerprint reader to create a secure handshake. If a worker denies access they will be unable to access site using the App. They can select the option ‘Only while using the App’ not the full permission. The same functionality is used for Social Distancing but will only work between phones using the Workforce App.


Does the Social Distancing work only on site?

The Social Distancing is turned on and off based on user accessing site (and using the contactless access
feature) so the functionality will not work outside of site.


Who can access information on the contact history of workers as part of the Social Distancing functionality?

Only MSite administrators with restricted access can access these reports.


What data is being stored on a phone?

The worker Bio ID (unique identifier on MSite) is stored. No personal information is stored in the App.


Does the MSite Workforce App collect data from any other Apps on my phone?

No. The App is completely standalone on the Phone.


Where can a worker access the Privacy Policy?

This can be accessed via the Settings on the App under Privacy Policy


What workers require an additional wearable beacon for Social Distancing?

Any worker with an iPhone will require an additional wearable to enable the Social Distancing functionality to work. These need to be carefully managed by site to prevent loss.


Can the wearable beacon be used instead of a mobile phone?

No. The wearable device is used in conjunction with the mobile phone (and Workforce App). It is not used
for any other purpose.


How much data does the app use?

The App’s total data usage in 1 month is expected to be equivalent to around 5 minutes on Facebook or 5
seconds of streaming video*.


Can a worker enrol the App without a data signal?

No the worker must be on a standard 3G / 4G data network or wifi network during enrolment as part of the initial MSite / App enrolment process, which includes an initial download of the principal contractor’s logo as the App is linked to the profile.

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