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Worker Enrolment FAQ

What smartphones can be used?

The MSite Workforce app supports smartphones running iOS 9.0 and Android 6.0, or later. Biometric
authentication is widely adopted, having featured on almost all smartphones in production since 2013.
Tablets are not currently supported.

Note: as at July 2020, there is a known issue with the Samsung A10 phone and use of the biometric on 3rd party Apps (including the Workforce App) which is shortly due to be resolved by Samsung


What happens if a Worker does not have biometrics set up on their phone?

We have created two knowledge base articles to support MSite Administrators with setting up biometrics on workers iPhone or Android phones for those who currently only use PIN for authentication:



The biometric authentication is only required for the App and not accessing the phone itself, which can be configured in the settings.


The camera on my phone does not work to scan the QR code at enrolment of the device, what can I do?

The Instance ID & authorisation code of each worker can be input manually into the App. This is displayed
next to the QR code unique to each worker. For further details, see the User Guide (Link here)


 A worker does not have biometrics on their phone and instead uses a code or PIN. Will this work?

No, in order to use the contactless function in the App it will require biometric verification.


 What if the worker does not have a valid phone or the App does not work?

Based on the agreed exception process for the Site, the Worker should be provided with an alternative
access method (e.g. fingerprint, PIN, Supervisor App).


 What do I do if a worker forgets his phone for a day?

The agreed exception process should be adopted on a temporary basis (see above).




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