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 How to Enrol bio-metrics on Android Devices

In order to use the MSite Workforce App contactless entry feature with the biometrics requirement, the user (employee) must have biometrics enabled on their Android phone.

Most smart phones today are equipped to collect and store biometric information such as Fingerprint & Facial Recognition. The Workforce app will prioritise what every biometric the user has registered on there device. 

Please find a guide below on how to capture biometrics on your Android device.

The screenshots below are from a Samsung device that is running Android, what your seeing on your Android device may differ slightly but everything should be able to be found in similar locations.

1. Open your "Settings" App and look for the "Biometrics & Security" option (image below)


2. From here you can decide if you want to enrol a fingerprint or use Facial recognition (if your device supports this feature) 

3. If you Select the option the Fingerprint option (images below) you should be given the option to add a new fingerprint to your phone  

Screenshot_20200623-110111_Settings.jpg       Screenshot_20200623-111616_Settings.jpg


4. From here it should be a case of following the on screen instructions to capture your fingerprint


5. The process will be the same for the Facial Recognition, it should be a case of following the on screen instructions when prompted 


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